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Stylish and elegant homes

The development of the Estate in the early 1800s was in order to create new homes for the burgeoning middle classes and as a result of this Edgbaston is known for its quality architecture and accommodation. 200 years later we are providing both directly and indirectly traditional and modern homes for the city’s inhabitants from student accommodation to retirement living.

Stylish and elegant homes

Creating Environments

Characterised by tree-lined roads and a mixture of historic and contemporary architecture, Edgbaston benefits from outstanding schools and leisure facilities through to attractive open spaces, only a mile from Birmingham city centre.

We are keen to maintain the integrity of the historic Estate, while moving forward with the times. New developments provide a variety of property types to choose from, with original 1800s housing and examples from every era since then.  

Calthorpe Estates seeks to cater for all life stages from student accommodation through to retirement living. For example, Audley have created a range of premier retirement apartments and Georgian villas on Church Road and Metchley Manor offers residential dementia care next door. 

In addition, we are working with stakeholders to bring forward a variety of homes in new developments, both small and large.  On the large end of the scale the estate has joined forces with Moda Living to bring forward the New Garden Square development to deliver homes with substantial green amenity right at the heart of the site.


Over the years we have developed a range of residential schemes, whilst maintaining the charm of our period properties to combine the best of both worlds. The same is true today in our development pipeline. The Estate owns and manages a portfolio of 100 residential rental properties suitable for families, couples, or individuals. If you would like to rent one of these properties please contact us or visit our property page

Why we’re different

Calthorpe Estates has always invested in maintaining the integrity and period charm of the Estate, to provide a quality environment where people want to live. To help maintain the character of the Calthorpe Estate for the benefit of all, we have produced a Residents’ Handbook for those who own the freehold of their house on the Calthorpe Estate and are therefore subject to the Scheme of Management.